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Important Parvo Information

No dog-lover would intentionally hurt a puppy! Unfortunately, many dog owners don't understand how easy it is to be an unintentional, life-threatening carrier of a canine virus or parasite.

Please look through these graphics showing how easily Parvo spreads (and it's symptoms). And, Parvo is just one of the many deadly illnesses/parasites that live in Georgia...

So, for the safety and protection of your puppy, stay vigilant, protect your furbaby especially when in surroundings that unknown dogs may have spread disease or parasites (dog parks, stores, etc), and schedule your immunizations with your veterinarian.


Nothing is cuter than a roly-poly puppy! We completely understand that all of our new puppy parents-to-be want to visit their pup in person, but we at Laudrick are charged with the safety and protection of our dogs.

So, for the safety and protection of our dogs, puppies and their families, we do not allow farm visits.


Good news: We want you to watch your puppy grow and change! We provide online video "chats" with your puppy, as well as YouTube videos and photos every 10-14 days. There are also references on Facebook, our website and available upon request. We are licensed and inspected. We appreciate your understanding.

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