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Top 10 Facts on Vaccines with Australian Shepherds

Dr. Dodd's facts on vaccines
Top 10 Facts on Vaccines

1. “Core” vaccines are important for Australian Shepherd puppies as well as kittens. 2. Other vaccines optional depending on location and lifestyle. 3. Annual boosters not required and usually unnecessary/unwise. 4. Vaccination may not equate to immunization; check serum titers to validate. 5. Long-term protection from canine distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus; feline panleukopenia. 6. Measure serum antibody (vaccine titers) instead annually or triennially. 7. Give thimerosal (mercury)-free rabies vaccines; and as late as allowed (20-24 weeks). 8. Booster vaccinations only legally required for rabies. 9. Half-dose “core” vaccines sufficient to protect small toy dogs. 10. Recognize vaccine adverse events; genetic predisposition.


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