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Pricing Policy


The aim of our puppy pricing policy is to be as fair as possible to everyone on our list awaiting their precious new puppy.  Backed by the latest science and by decades of experience, we do all we can to ensure your puppy will be a healthy and enjoyable canine companion.  As a result, our puppies are highly valued and much sought-after. Market conditions can also affect our prices. *


Our policy on pricing is as follows:

The price quoted in your first email will be the price range you pay for your puppy provided that:

  • Your deposit securing your place on our waiting list is received within 7 days of that email, and:

  • You accept the puppy you are offered that conforms to the preferences you stated when placed on our waiting list.

  • And, final price is determined at 4 week old evaluations.

Alternatively, if you postpone to a later litter for any reason, the price of the new puppy will be in accord with the prices current at that time.


When you are offered a puppy from a new litter and decide to accept your placement with that puppy, an additional payment of $1000 toward the purchase price will be required by the time the pup is 4 weeks old.  The remaining balance is payable by pickup date,  unless otherwise agreed upon (with pickup day at 8.5 weeks old).


Our policy on deposits is as follows:


Your position on the waiting list and subsequent placement with a litter** is

strictly determined by the date the waiting list deposit is received.


Laudrick Aussies may refuse a puppy to anyone for any reason and refund their deposit. 

If you cancel your placement on the waiting list for any reason, we will refund your deposit minus $100 admin fee.


If, after agreeing upon and having allocated a puppy for you, you wish to change your choice of puppy, your payment(s) to date is/are non-refundable but will be held for you as a credit on your next puppy from us. Laudrick Aussies may cancel or postpone sale of a puppy up to/at time of pickup for any/no reason.


Our policy on puppies boarded with us past 8 weeks of age:


Final payment needs to be complete by the time your puppy is 8-8.5 weeks old (the usual pickup date).  Arrangements must be confirmed with us if we are to keep a pup past 7 days from pick-up date, and additional boarding fees may apply. While your puppy will continue to be loved and cared for, puppies boarded past the pick-up date will be done so at the new owner’s risk.

* Laudrick Aussies is under no obligation to notify the public of changes to our pricing structure. However, we are happy to answer inquiries at any time.

** Laudrick Aussies assesses each puppy's personality and then matches that pup to a family so that your new furbaby's temperament fits your household composition and ownership experience as optimally as possible (especially important if you have small children or are a first-time owner)

Purchase terms and conditions are subject to change without notice at any time. 

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