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Our Guardianship Home Program is an integral part of how Laudrick Aussies can provide so many wonderful companion dogs to our community while maintaining our sanity at the same time. You see, our breeding program here at Laudrick, the pups, the dogs, the maintenance and training, takes all the love and attention that my family has to offer. That is why we need Guardians who fully support my mission to bring healthier, well-bred companion dogs into our community.


What is a Guardianship home?

Well, in a nutshell, it consists of very special families who choose to accept the responsibility of bringing a breeder quality dog into their family while still allowing it to be a part of our breeding program here at Laudrick Aussies. The dog is able to have the best of both worlds for its entire lifetime.

What dogs are chosen for Guardianship?


We only select pick of the litter puppies (that we've either bred or purchased) to become potential guardian prospects. These puppies are the cream of the crop. They will come from the healthiest parents, demonstrate the BEST temperaments and be athletically sound and well-suited for our program. This means that most years only 2-3 puppies will be available on a guardian basis.

Sadly, many breeds currently have health issues because they have been so poorly bred by irresponsible breeders. These "backyard breeders" target popular and desirable breeds, like Aussies, simply to make a quick buck off the puppies. They breed without knowledge or experience, without investing money into health testing or time into learning the breed, the genetics or breeding in general and thus end up producing unhealthy puppies with unstable personalities. We are working very hard as ethical breeders of Australian Shepherds to fix this by breeding and starting pups that grow up to be the best companion dogs possible.  

Am I eligible for Guardianship?

  • If you live in a stable, loving situation with no plans to move out of the area in the next six years.

  • If you can provide a fenced-in, dog proof, escape proof yard that is kept free of anything that may cause harm to the dog.

  • If you don't own any other aggressive dogs.

  • If you are able to cope with the financial demands of dog ownership: grooming, food, vet care, training, and the other miscellaneous expenses that arise.

  • If you are willing to invest time, energy and training into your dog. Basic commands such as “Sit,” “Stay,” “Come,” “Drop It!,” “Leave It!” and potty training are essential. Are you prepared to attend dog training classes to at least achieve a Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) title on your guardian dog? The cost to achieve this title is approximately $130 through most obedience clubs in the area (Basically two rounds of 8 week classes) or there is online courses with BAXTER & Bella (see and there is a discount). This will be at your expense. If you choose (and we definitely hope you do) to pursue more titles, it can be very rewarding and satisfying fun activity with your furry companion and we highly recommend it.

  • If you can give daily love, care, adequate exercise and proper grooming to the dog.

  • If you live near or are willing to drive to Laudrick Aussies.

  • For Males : must be willing to meet for breedings with oftentimes less than 48 hour notice, usually retiring by age of 5. And, are you aware that some breeding males may have issues with marking and/or humping? While this is not common, and good training usually curbs the instinct, we want potential guardings to know about these possible issues.

  • For females: must be willing to learn about and monitor her heat cycles and communicate ith us. You'll need to allow her to live with us for a few days to be bred. And then for 8-10 weeks for whelping, weaning, and puppy care. Females will not be bred more than 4 times, sometimes only 3, in a 5 year period before retiring.

  • If you're willing to provide monthly updates and/or pictures of the guardian pup, and stay in contact “as needed” as breeding time approaches.

  • If you can be compliant with all contract terms and conditions.

How do I become a Guardian?

Becoming a guardian is a huge responsibility and we take all applicants very seriously. Please understand that any and all breeding decisions are the sole responsibility of Laudrick Aussies. We value and trust our guardigns with the health and well-being of our guardian dogs, however, absolutely no unauthorized breeding will be allowed.


Ready to join our team of Guardians? Please send an email to or call Laura at 706.741.5780 and let's have a talk. We would like to know about your experience with dogs, your family as well as what you want in a puppy: about temperament preferences, sex, color and anything else that may be important to you.

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