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We, at Laudrick Aussies, choose our sires and dams for personality, athleticism, health and longevity. (See pictures on the Our Females and Our Males pages)


They must have wonderful personalities, be very intelligent, sensible, friendly, loyal and extremely loving dogs. They must be great companions and get along well with all my other critters.


We do all we can to prevent genetic illness in our dogs by health screening and genetically testing breeding stock dogs. (At present, the best way to protect against inherited diseases is to first, test their DNA and second, not to mate closely related parent dogs.) We are confident enough in the genetic health of our puppies to provide a two-year health warranty on our pups.

We also take our dogs’ diet seriously and feed a nutritious meat-based diet with a very high-quality supplement (see Nu-Vet information here) in order to create healthy, happy puppies both physically and mentally.

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